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I saw him.

Ok so as you all know I was talking to my cousin Justin in dah car.

I missed him so much that I saw him. It was unbelievable. 

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Anonymous asked:
I cut too

Well you need to stop. I don’t take my own advise but you should. STOP!!

Anonymous asked:
which characters don't have a tumblr?

Well I know who has one. Bella, Jessica, Katrina, Alex and well me of course.

Anonymous asked:
be a man and ask her out already

It’s not that easy you know. 

Anonymous asked:
Do u understand why Bella won't take you back? Howd u feel when Bella told you he like Jamie

I felt like shit alright. Is that what you wanted to hear?

ohsnapitslivie asked:
Why do u cut sooooo many people love u please stop 😢

It’s becoming addictive now. 

isabellacortezxo asked:
Jay! What do you mean you still cut sometimes?!

I mean I still cut sometimes. 

ohsnapitslivie asked:
Do u still cut?


alexmccann asked:
cmon jase you gotta admit , im the funnier bro :P

Whatever helps you sleep at night bro!

Anonymous asked:
i actually love you ok bye xxxxxx


ohsnapitslivie asked:
What were u thinking when she told u that u weren't her top priority and y doesn't it seem to bother u that u cheated on Bella with the girl who KILLED. YOUR. FREAKING. KID!!

It freaking hurt. I still am gonna get her back.m